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Readwell and Wright is more than a bookshop. It’s a place where people who love words can come and indulge themselves at their leisure. It’s a place where conversations happen, ideas are passed on, stories are read, gifts are chosen, and the lifelong joy that is a love of reading is sparked. To experience the warm hug that is a visit to Readwell and Wright, you can visit our store at 69 Market Street, Pocklington, or meander around our website for reviews, recommendations and news about the various meetings and events that happen here.

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We hold regular book club meetings in our shop in Pocklington. View our list of upcoming events!

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Just to reassure/warn everyone. There is a new Book Blog coming soon. I'm working on it now - it was delayed by my surgery - so stay tuned.   Especially [...]

Lovecraft – Writer and Racist

From 2016 onwards, the World Fantasy Awards Trophy looks like this:    It was created by sculptor and artist Vincent Villafranca and represents all the trees of mythology - the [...]