This is a  bewildering tale of middle class Left wing terrorists in West Germany in the 70’s, who, aided by the secret service of the communist East Germany as well as respected academics, lawyers and future politicians in the west, ran riot for two decades murdering and or kidnapping anyone they deemed to be an enemy of the people – to absolutely no end.

Their relationship with terrorist organizations in the Middle East is very interesting indeed. It sowed the seeds of the later  Munich Olympic Massacre and gives an insight into the far left’s long history with the extreme sectors of the Palestinian cause that Jeremy Corbyn adheres to.

It’s a fascinating and very confusing tale and you may end up as confounded as the members of the Popular Front for Palestine who had no idea what to do with the men and women of this German terrorist group who at the PFLP training camp vehemently criticized the training, asked their hosts to execute one of their number who they suspected of being a traitor and also outraged their devoutly Muslim hosts by sunbathing naked.

That’s the 1970’s for you ..

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